Right weekend, wrong trail

In order to get back in hiking shape and prepare for our upcoming adventure (which will remain unannounced at this time) we headed to the hills for a Sunday Funday. Our destination: Wild Horse Trail. The trail starts at the same campground as the Dripping Springs Trail, but when the Dripping Springs Trail zigs, we zag and voila, the Wild Horse Trail begins.

So we go out and execute the plan… the zig-zag thing goes down as planned (with the aid of a nice wooden sign telling us where to go) and we find ourselves on the Wild Horse Trail. A half mile later… wait this place looks familiar… naw must be our imagination… Another half mile down the trail… this switchback looks real familiar…

So it turns out we were on the wrong trail… sort of… we decided to push on, get some exercise and then figure out the mix-up when we got home with the help of the map and the GPS we always carry that provides a constant, real-time, un-biased report of where we are in the world.

After careful review, we discover we were indeed on the Wild Horse Trail. It just so happens that when we thought we were hiking on the Dripping Springs Trail back in January (New Year, new adventures), we were wrong.

At any rate, we enjoyed the hike and snapped a few pictures. Next week we’ll try a new trail, assuming the new trail isn’t really an old trail that we haven’t hiked but really have. The trick will be not to find where we want to go but rather to understand that we are now where we do not want to be. Then, instead of navigating where we want to be, we must simply navigate away from where we do not want to be which is all we really know about where we are. Right?