William’s Birthday…a few months late

Phil may disagree with me on this one (it’s probably just mommy guilt) but it certainly feels like William gets cheated out of a lot of the exciting “firsts” we shared with Sophia. His baby book is barely filled and has no photos, hand-me-down clothes (which I love), a hand-me-down room and the majority of the photos from his first year of life were documented on an iPhone. Such is the life of the 2nd child. So although it may be January, a full four months after his 1st birthday, I couldn’t go without dedicating a short post to our little man just like I did for his big sister. So without further adieu…

As usual, summer comes late in SoCal and we had a wonderful but very warm day celebrating William’s first birthday. He took off walking shortly before his birthday and loves running around the park trying to keep up with Sophia. Similar to Sophia’s first birthday, he wasn’t quite sure what to make of all the unwrapping but Sophia quickly showed him the ropes while she oohed and ahhed over all the exciting stuff “Buddy” got for his birthday. William’s first birthday cake experience lived up to it’s expectations and he gobbled up every bite!

Although I may feel like Will missed out on a lot of the firsts we shared with Sophia the one thing that’s for sure is that there’s no shortage of love for this little guy. My heart is full and so happy to have spent the last year with him. I can’t wait to see what the future has to hold for this crazy man! Here’s a look back on his first year…plus a few extra months to make up for my mommy guilt.