Off the beaten path

November was quite the hectic month but we managed to sneak away from it all and spend a weekend crossing a couple of things off of our SoCal To-Do list. The first was certainly more exciting for Phil and the kids than Meredith as it involved an off-road adventure in the Land Cruiser. After installing the car seats and packing a little picnic, we headed through the river (all 6 inches of it that flowed over the road), fired up the old 4WD, and climbed up to the Case Springs area near Margarita Peak. Dusty? Yep. Bumpy? Yep. Buffalo? Nope. Much to the disappointment of everyone in the truck, and somewhat surprising based on the size of the buffalo herd, the buffalo (really bison I guess) were nowhere to be found.

After spending a day in the mountains with Old Blue, it was time to head to the coast. We have been to the Oceanside Beach more than a few times over the past six years and always talked about renting a pedicab. With our days here numbered, we decided the time for talk was over. With the kids in the front and Mom and Dad at the wheel (and on the pedals), the Wiktors took the pedicab for a grand tour of the beach. Certainly not a disappointment at all!