We’re Thankful

Thanksgiving was a good one this year. Family came north and family came south; both would eventually converge on our little home in Stafford. With the southern guest checked in to Casa de Wiktor, the burners were lit and the feast was prepared. Thumbs up all around the table as the food tasted even better than it looked.

The following day, the house would swell by another 4 guests for a day of beer and pretzels. Time will tell how the honey oatmeal stout turns out but all signs point to a-okay. We did some relaxing, some chatting, and some celebrating over the weekend. Mom even got to sneak away for the annual Nutcracker date with Sophia.

All in all, it was a great weekend at home after a somewhat busy month of travel (for Phil). We are thankful indeed! We have a few weeks of calm and then it’ll be off to the races for the Christmas / NYE travel-palooza.