Adventures in Dadland

While mom was off adventuring in FL, dad embarked on his own adventures with the kids. Maybe it was because the destinations were of interest to dad; maybe it was because dad doesn’t do so well entertaining the crazies without a bona fide project or an actual adventure. Either way, the three amigos made good use of the time together.

First on the list of things to do (after a half week of school lunches, swim lessons, and dance lessons) was to head up to Baltimore and check out the National Aquarium. We landed a family membership to the aquarium over Christmas thanks to a couple of very thoughtful family members. Meredith and the kids took a trip up there a while back but this was my first time in a many years. The kids showed me all their favorite stuff and we had a blast checking out the dolphins, fish, stingray, horseshoe crabs, monkeys (not in the water), SHARKS, and everyone’s favorite, the jellyfish. The pass is good for a year so we’ll be back!

After the aquarium, we checked out some of the old ships that are in the harbor. Both the USS Torsk and the Lightship 116 were surprising hits with the kids. The kids loved being “under water” in the submarine. Minds blown.

The next adventure embarked on was some extreme off road adventuring! I can neither confirm nor deny where it took place but the kids proved that the Land Cruiser was a wise “investment” that will continue to make cheap smiles (assuming it doesn’t break) for years to come.