Busy bees

We’re still here! As you may have guessed, Sophia and Will keep us pretty busy these days and our little website has been somewhat neglected. We have plenty of photos to share and a post coming about the holidays. Until then, here’s a snapshot of how we’ve been spending our time lately.

Back to the Gulf Coast

Last week Sophia and I headed on an adventure back to the Gulf Coast. We visited our friends Sydney and Pete and had a great couple of days. I say it every time I talk about living in Florida, but the one thing I truly miss are the beaches. I joked that Sophia was cramping…

Great Expectations

Wow – the Wiktors have been slacking on their posts! Before things get really busy around here I thought it was time to catch up. I also happen to have some free time on my hands as I patiently wait for the arrival of some pretty important belated birthday gifts. The first part of 2011…

Retreat to Seattle

While Phil was “playing” in the desert the last few weeks, I planned a trip to Seattle with two of my oldest and dearest high school friends. Nicole lives in Seattle so we took advantage of the opportunity to visit her and the awesome destination and Lauren flew from the booming metropolis of Sioux Falls….