More weekend adventures

It’s another weekend, so that means the Wiktors are out and about. Never a dull moment or a minute wasted right? After a long week, we ventured out for a hike. We were looking for something with a little more altitude than usual so we picked Cuyamaca Peak. The base of the trail starts around 4800 ft and climbs 1700 ft (the peak is at 6529 ft according to the GPS) in just under 3 miles. As expected, we were out of breath the entire way up. Even Lucy was panting after the first quarter mile. The weather didn’t provide any picturesque scenes but it kept the sun from frying us.

Sunday we went out on another adventure; this time to the north. Fallbrook was hosting its annual “Avocado Festival” and being such big fans of the fruit, we figured it’d be worth a trip. Well… turns out they name the festival the “Avocado Festival” because Fallbrook is the avocado production capital of the country NOT because there are lots of avocados at said festival. It was a bust! Just your typical street festival; carnies, screaming children, cotton candy, and strange merchandise were common place. There was one guacamole stand that advertised how they had won the gold medal in every Avocado Festival since 1990 but this was the only stand at the entire festival so they weren’t exactly up against steep competition. The guac was pretty tasty but it could have used a pinch of salt and a little squeeze of lime juice.

We finished the day with a little wine tasting up in Temecula (Bailey’s is becoming our new favorite of the area) and a crispy, juicy, delicious Double-Double Animal-style. If you don’t know what that is, then you just don’t know.