We finally made it!

Finally, a trip to the slopes. I had all but given up on the 2019-2020 ski season. The biggest problem is me being a cheapo and having sticker shock at the cost of a day at Big Bear or Mammoth with lessons for the kids. They’re so close to being able to ski on their…

It’s a New Year!

2020 is off to a happy start. Making new traditions (we’ll see if homemade ramen on the 1st can stick), new beers (Hoppy New APA- thanks Soph), new batches of clear ice for new cocktails, and those other small new things on the truck. Can’t wait to see what else this year has in store.

No water in Fish Creek

Don’t go looking for water in Fish Creek Wash, just go looking for a good time. The guys took a long overdue overnight adventure to the desert and it was a blast. Tires were aired down, fires were lit, bourbon was drank, and we squeezed in a hike and some In-n-Out on the way home….

Four Double-U Dee

This truck was meant to adventure! The FJ60 had some “characteristics” (that some might incorrectly call faults) that ultimately shrunk the list of adventures it could go on with the whole family. No AC, top speed of 72 mph, solid front and rear axles with leaf springs all around… basically bulletproof but also sweaty, smelly,…

A New Legend

Out with the old and in with the new. After a near six month search, I found a replacement for old blue. A new-to-me LX 470 joined the garage family today. It’s not easy finding 100 Series Land Cruisers (or Lexus LX 470) that have the right mix of miles, features, maintenance records, and price…