a (quick) Hello! from the desert

Tux-sun as it is called. Beautiful city with some great MTB trails, one heck of a hill to climb on a road bike, and plenty of sonoran dogs to keep you fueled up. Start at the 50 Year Trail and go from there but watch out for all the cactus. They bite.

The Slot

Eager to get in the habit of carving out time for exploring, we piled in the truck and headed east to The Slot (not to be confused with Slot Canyon). Much to the delight of the driver, you need to cruise in a few miles off the pavement just to get to the trailhead and…

No water in Fish Creek

Don’t go looking for water in Fish Creek Wash, just go looking for a good time. The guys took a long overdue overnight adventure to the desert and it was a blast. Tires were aired down, fires were lit, bourbon was drank, and we squeezed in a hike and some In-n-Out on the way home….