Top Ten of Tahoe

We had our first Wiktor/Case family vacation this summer; destination – Lake Tahoe. In an effort to keep this brief, here’s our Top Ten of Tahoe:

10. Photog – Photography that is. Many of us seem to have the photog bug and it was the perfect setting to snap away. Credit to Mike for many of the photos included in this post.

9. The Lake – The scenery is breathtaking and the water is so blue. It’s also freezing cold so Phil and I passed on the opportunity to go for a dip.

8. Hiking – Everyone in the family hit the trails at one point during the trip. The Wiktor men were hoping to head out on a serious hike but settled for a 12 mile jaunt on the rim trail instead.

7. Spa day – The ladies made a day of it complete with massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. As if a week long vacation wasn’t relaxing enough, the spa day made it even better. Thanks for coordinating everything, Elaine!

6. Sophia – It was Sophia’s first vacation. She was a trooper on the loooong car ride and had a great time with her grandparents and aunts and uncles…even Uncle Mike who was a wee bit nervous.

5. The full moon – Thanks to our deck, some tripods and timers, the guys were able to snap some perfect shots.

4. Sailing – Ahoy, Matey! The sailing adventure was a topic of great debate before, during and after the vacation. In the end it was loads of fun and kudos to Mike and first mate Phil for keeping the sail boat upright. We always had the utmost confidence in you both!

3. Food – It wouldn’t be a Wiktor/Case vacation if there wasn’t amazing food — food and this family go hand in hand. Each couple took turns cooking and there was never a shortage of good eats – lasagna, feta and sun dried tomato stuffed chicken breast, surf and turf tacos, beef brisket, enchiladas, lots of yummy desserts and good beer and wine.

2. Spending time with my hubby – With Phil’s busy work schedule and parenthood keeping us on our toes, it was nice to have a whole week with Phil and lots of hands to help out with Sophia.

1. Spending time with family – It’s not too often all off us can get together, and unfortunately there were still two very special people missing (Carolyn and Rick). It was wonderful having a whole week dedicated to family fun – talking, cooking, playing cards – just our usual family stuff.

I’m already looking forward to our next family adventure, wherever that may be!

P.S. For those of you who read our last post, I finally got my banana split!