NJ & NY Road Trip

We have already escaped the traffic of the DC area and traded it for the traffic of New York City a few times since moving out here. With the end of summer looming over our heads, we ventured up I-95 to New Jersey and New York for one last summer adventure. Rather than spend the majority of the trip in Manhattan, we first ventured out to the Jersey Shore. Easy… it was like noon on a Wednesday so it was more of “a trip to the beach in August” than it was “the Jersey Shore.” Great weather and no shortage of ice cream for the whole family made for four happy campers.

After getting our toes sandy one day, it was up the west bank of the Hudson and down the east. West Point was an unexpectedly impressive stop for the eyes while the Newburgh Brewing Company was equally impressive on the palate (or belly for roughnecks like Phil). We swung through Cold Spring on the way south for, you guessed it, more ice cream.

In addition to the the shore and the river valley, we made a quick stop in Manhattan. You can’t completely skip The City if you’re in the area. Too many sites to see and things to eat.