“New Home?”

“New home?” is the second most commonly used question by William these days (second to “why?” of course). As repetitive as it may be, the answer is always yes. The next adventure has officially started!

We closed on the new place in Northern Virginia this month. Sight unseen by me until closing day, to say Meredith picked a great place is an understatement! All the Wiktors (including old Pickles) love the place and are looking forward to the new adventures we’ll have here in the Capital Area.

So what do we do in the new place you ask? Well pretty much the most American stuff ever. You know, ride trikes, grill meat, take walks around the neighborhood, hit the pool on the sunny days. Standard summer suburb stuff really.

Not long after we moved in we trucked up to DC to enjoy the remnants of the Cherry Blossom Festival. Supposedly we missed the big bloom by a week but looking back on the pictures it seemed to look alright. Next year we’ll have to head up on the peak bloom, snap some pictures, and compare. After some smiles for the camera near the basin, it was back to our slice of paradise: our “new home.”