Will’s Fourth Birthday

My favorite part of drafting these birthday posts is looking back at the photos of the kids over the year. It’s always a bittersweet reminder of how fast the years are flying by. The old adage, the days are long but the years are short, couldn’t seem truer. I feel like Will grew up a lot over the last year. The baby face and baby chub are gone, typically replaced with him sticking his tongue out for the camera. Since turning three, Will completed his first year of pre-school, started playing soccer and built upon his love of Star Wars and all things super heros. He also enjoys tagging along with whatever chores or projects Dad is tackling, whether it’s a trip to the dump, a shopping trip to Home Depot or adventures in the Land Cruiser.

Will continues to be our sweet, social boy. He will frequently pass people at the grocery store and ask, “what’s your name?” We’re working on social etiquette so he understands he should perhaps start with a “hi,” or “hello.” He’s our snuggle bug and is always willing to give you a hug, kiss or fist-pump. He continues to love spending time with big sister Sophia despite her insistence on playing family over and over and over again. It has been wonderful watching the kids grow up together and I hope they remain good friends as they get older.

Now onto the good stuff…and by that I mean the donuts and the cake! We finally had a birthday party for Will this year. Due to Will’s birthday falling on a Wednesday, (Sophia’s first day of kindergarten) we opted to have a birthday brunch over the weekend complete with a Star Wars donut cake. Even though Will blew out candles at his party, I couldn’t let his actual birthday pass without doing the whole thing again so we had a small celebration with our neighbors on his actual birthday. This time the candles were on a raspberry cake, per Will’s request. Happy Birthday little dude…we love you!