Anniversary in Ashville

What a cool city! The only thing that made Ashville better was visiting it with my beloved wife of 10 years! That’s right, 10 years. Double digits and still in the honeymoon phase!

To celebrate the occasion, Mere and I snuck away for a long weekend in Ashville, NC. With Mumsie and Lucy watching the kids, we took off early in the morning on Friday and headed south in the Taco. After a great breakfast and some tasty coffee at Monuts Donuts in Durham, we arrived at the first hike the master planner had picked out: Chimney Rock State Park. Opting to hike (duh) and not drive to the top and take the elevator (lame), we laced up the shoes and huffed it up the couple mile trail. Beautiful views were not missed!

After surveying the top and taking a handful of pictures, it was back to the car and off to our final destination. That evening we had dinner at Wicked Weed Brewing Pub followed by a few beers from some of the fantastic breweries in the area. The Funkatorium was my favorite while Meredith preferred Burial Beer.

The next day it was off to check out the famed Ashville River Arts district.. or maybe we used it as an excuse to pretend to do something while we went from tasty coffee place (Ultra) to tasty lunch place (12 Bones) to tasty afternoon beer place (Wedge At Foundation). Who knows. All I can say is we had a great day. We closed the evening with a fantastic anniversary dinner at The Bull and Beggar and it did not disappoint.

Sadly we had to leave the next day. However, we did have a great breakfast at Liberty House and then broke up the drive with a quick stop at Mount Mitchell State Park. You know, if you’re in the area, you have to climb the tallest “mountain” east of the Mississippi that was named on a Tuesday… Okay kidding about the Tuesday but at 6,684 feet, it’s not exactly a milestone worthy of a t-shirt. Nice hike? Nice view at the top? Absolutely. See ya Ashville! I can honestly say I didn’t have a meal or a drink I didn’t like while I was there.