Hello again Austin!

So I know I said our vacationing was going to be on the decline but we had an opportunity we couldn’t pass up to visit with some friends in Texas (more to follow on that) and figured “since we was…”

So, Austin, TX it was for about 24 hours. I have been to Austin a couple of times now and always have had a blast so I was excited to head back with my better half and the crazies. I must say, round two did not disappoint! We got in around lunchtime and headed to Second Bar + Kitchen for some lunch. Afterwards we were off to check out some of the things that make Austin weird. Meredith pointed us towards some graffiti walls (Graffiti Park at Castle Hill) that actually were pretty cool. Photos were snapped then we were off for some coffee… or was it food?.. or was it drinks? Who knows. Kind of a trend on our trips though. Eat, see, drink, see, eat, drink, see, etc.

Food trucks were on the list and we soon found ourselves having a cold one at Banger’s Sausage House on Rainey Street and then heading over to grab dinner at one of the many food trucks on that street. After a few awesome arepas, we walked for ice cream (shocking right?) but stopped at the Congress Ave Bridge as we happened upon the bridge right as the bats we’re coming out for the night. Super cool to see the nearly 1.5 million bats come flying out from under the bridge. Turns out during the summer months, there are more bats than people in Austin!

After a successful ice cream stop it was off to bed so we could wake up and eat for another few hours before heading down to our friend’s ranch. So Stiles Switch BBQ isn’t Franklin’s BBQ; however, it still serves one of the top Central Texas briskets in the universe. After filling up on the meat, we hit the road for Uvalde.