Eight is great

As I hit publish on this, I’m a few years behind on birthday posts but hopefully before Sophia turns nine I’ll get everything updated.

Just like this little website is our family’s journal of sorts, these birthday posts are a look back and an opportunity to reflect on how much the kids have grown and changed. This year was no exception! Maybe it was seeing how much her face changed as all the baby teeth she lost grew back in. Or perhaps it was the six inch summer hair cut Sophia got after recital. Either way, looking back at pictures of her seventh year she seems to have changed so much! At the heart of it she’s still our sweet Sophia though. She feels deeply, loves dancing, school and spending time with her family. She’s the best helper, whether it’s at home in the kitchen or stepping in to help a classmate. We are so proud of the girl she is becoming and can’t wait to see what’s year eight has in store!

We celebrated Sophia’s birthday doing some of her favorite things. Manicures and pedicures with mom, a full afternoon of dance and an evening at home with our favorite family. Icing on the cake were the snuggles at bedtime and listening to her tell me what a wonderful day it was.