Grand Rounds

We’re back! We were sorry to see that we’ve been somewhat MIA from our website lately. We went through our photos trying to figure out what we did during the month of August; we’re still not quite sure. That probably means we were busy with work/flying, our never ending yard project (more to come on that), the usual day to day tasks, and Sophia (how could we forget her).

August may have come and gone with little fanfare, but September started with some excitement – Sophia’s first plane ride! Our first stop was Minneapolis. Sophia caught up with her first set of “grands” and also met cool Uncle John and Aunt Lauren for the first time. While in Minneapolis my folks hosted a bbq with lots of our local friends and we had a great time showing Sophia off. After a few days in Minneapolis we headed to Rochester for round two. Sophia caught up with Grandma Elaine (aka Laney) and Grandpa Bill, plus all of the Michigan Wiktors made the drive to meet Sophia. It was pretty great seeing four generations of Wiktors together. We spent our last night in Minnesota back in Minneapolis where all four grandparents, Phil, Sophia and myself shared a delicious dinner at a local French bistro.

The following day we were off again, this time to the East coast. We spent two days in Hanover, PA visiting my grandparents and two aunts. As usual, my Grandma stuffed us to the brim with delicious home cooked food. After our short visit in Pennsylvania we spent one night in Silver Spring with Grandma Kathy, Charles and Marianne and their son Ben. One of the highlights of our quick stay was the Eastern shore staple we had for dinner – crabs!

Sunday was supposed to be the big travel day – 14 hours coast to coast. Right when we got to BWI we knew our chances of making it back to California weren’t too great. An hour and a half before the scheduled departure and our flight was already two hours delayed, leaving us just 3 minutes to make our connection in MSP. Toss in some further delays due to weather, the plane returning to the gate to get more fuel, and then getting rerouted over Kentucky. We landed in MSP two hours after our connection took off – ho hum. Monday we were up bright and early at 4:30am to go back to the airport for round two. Our flight on Monday left without a hitch and we were on the ground in San Diego by noon. A little worse for wear, but feeling fortunate that we got to visit with so many family and friends over the last 10 days.

We have more happenings to share so we’ll be back soon. Until then, happy 5 months to our sweet Sophia!