A quick excursion

Got to take advantage of the time off these days! It feels like the busy, unpredictable work schedule overlaid on top of the school schedule has wreaked havoc on our adventuring as of late. No more Tuesday afternoon trips when everyone is in school but mom and dad. Lame. Fortunately there is still some time on the calendar for a weekend escape.

This weekend, Shenandoah National Park was calling our name and we answered. We were a little hesitant to head out on Saturday morning without reservations but a tip from a helpful ranger convinced us it was worth the try. The blue truck was piled high and I’m happy to report we made the two hour trip to Matthews Arm Campground without issue. Slowly (Meredith’s) confidence is being restored…

After grabbing a camp site and having some lunch, we took a little hike to Overall Run Falls. The kids made it 3.25 of the 4 miles without issue. A couple of well planned beef jerky and water stops ensured the little ones finished under their own power. Salmon, couscous, and some sweet potatoes were followed by a good helping of s’mores so all went to bed with happy tummies.

In the morning, the fire was lit, breakfast was served, the camp was torn down, and we hit Skyline Drive for a little sight seeing. The leaves weren’t at their peak but the views still didn’t disappoint.

On the way home we stopped back in Sperryville for lunch at the lovely Before&After Cafe. Two thumbs up from everyone.