Back to the Gulf Coast

Last week Sophia and I headed on an adventure back to the Gulf Coast. We visited our friends Sydney and Pete and had a great couple of days. I say it every time I talk about living in Florida, but the one thing I truly miss are the beaches. I joked that Sophia was cramping my style because I would have been happy to sit on the beach everyday, but a 6 month old and beaches don’t exactly go hand in hand. We did go to the beach one afternoon and once Sophia settled in she had a great time people watching. We also visited some of our old stomping grounds and indulged in some delicious eats. I think the highlight of the trip was the pontoon ride. There were dolphins everywhere; it was like we were watching a Sea World performance. Even Sophia had fun watching the dolphins!

It was a great vacation but Sophia and I were so glad to get home and see Phil. His two ladies missed him so much, and I think he missed us too. We returned to cooler Southern California temperatures and it finally feels like fall here. I’m excited to spend all the upcoming holidays with our little family!