April Visits

More than just the Easter Bunny came to visit us this month. We were fortunate enough to add grandparents to the list! The weekend prior to Easter, Sophia and Will got to scour the land for candy filled eggs at a Viper “Eggstraviganza.” They both filled their buckets with treasure but for some reason they got to do it all over the next weekend. Never can have enough treats when you’re a kid right?

Once the grandparents landed, the activities kicked off. We ventured to the San Diego Botanical Gardens where we tried our best to prevent William from ripping out flowers on the way to the kid’s area. Once in the promised land, Will and Sophia got to work painting with watercolors, banging on the nature instruments, and climbing in the tree fort. The following day was spent whipping up a batch of beer. Homemade, fresh baked pretzels and a cigar were enjoyed during the event naturally! Monday included a trip to Temecula to visit a few wineries and have a picnic with the whole gang. The kids (and the parents) were sad to see Grandma and Papa leave!