Sophia turns THREE!

It only took three years, but we finally had a proper birthday party for Sophia. Neither Phil or I grew up having big birthday parties every year so it definitely won’t be something we do for each birthday but it’s fun to do once in awhile. Sophia loved everything about her party, but what’s not to love about an afternoon of bouncing with friends and eating cupcakes? Sophia picked out the Hello Kitty bounce house so we ran with that theme. Our sweet friend Tahnee made the adorable Hello Kitty cupcakes which Sophia thoroughly enjoyed! The birthday girl was spoiled by family and friends near and far and it was an all around happy day!

I was sad to look back through the archives and realize I didn’t do a birthday post for Sophia last year. I liked the first birthday posts I did for each of the kids (even if Will’s was almost half a year late). So even though I missed Sophia’s 2nd birthday I’m forging ahead and reinstating the tradition now!

Sophia is such a silly goose. She’s also a grumpy gus from time to time but we still love her. She loves to sing, run from “monsters,” play in her kitchen with her brother, reading, listening to princess music and all things Frozen. She has an amazing memory just like momma…now to channel that into something useful. She’s starting to get more outgoing but is still pretty shy and prefers to watch than be in the middle of the action. As Phil said, we can’t believe we have a three year old already. Where does the time go?