While we are a bit late with the post, we did actually get out and have some fun in May. Aside from the usual family trips to the park and tasty weekend breakfasts at one of our favorite stops, one outing stands out as a bit loftier than others. After watching countless hot air balloons fill the morning and evening SoCal skies over the past few years, we decided it was time to see what all the fuss was about.

Bright and early on the 27th we trekked out to Temecula and, after dodging a bit of fog, went for a sunrise hot air balloon ride. We weren’t the only ones in the sky that morning nor were we the only ones in our basket. The former meant there would be some cool photo opportunities while airborne and the latter would result in a sweet photobomb opportunity for some grumpy looking lady and her kid (see exhibit A).

Fortunately for me our pilot (he was great but not sure if he rates that term or not) had some nerdy technology on board that plotted our every move on the ride. We made it to roughly 2,500 feet above ground with a max speed of 13.7 mph.