Pumpkin Time!

It’s pumpkin time again! The Cali branch of the Wiktor family has a few traditions of their own and one of those is the annual hunt for the best pumpkin ever. 2014 wasn’t a disappointment. We made the annual trip to Peltzer Farms and we each picked out our own pumpkin. Obviously I’m biased but Dad’s was the biggest and the best by far!

In addition to grabbing some pumpkins, we fed the animals (much more successful and less tears compared to last year), and cheered on the pigs at the pig race. While “Notorious P.I.G.” didn’t bring home the bacon and take 1st place, he still was our favorite. After the adventure we stopped in Old Town Temecula for some lunch and a beer; Sophia skipped the beer but had plenty of silly faces to share.

Next year we will be on the hunt for a new pumpkin patch; change is coming!