Will’s 2nd Birthday

William’s birthday definitely didn’t lack celebration this year. He had not one or two, but four rounds of birthday candles to blow out. It was such a treat spending the week leading up to his birthday with family which allowed for all the extra celebrating. Sophia and Will certainly didn’t mind all the extra cake either!

We returned to Oceanside on Will’s actual birthday and even though we already had three celebrations on the road I couldn’t miss the opportunity to sing Happy Birthday to him at his own home. I quickly whipped up a peanut butter pie, tossed two candles on top and the birthday boy was happy as ever. We also opened the presents that had accumulated for him for him while we were gone, not that he wasn’t already spoiled by the family we saw in Minnesota and Michigan. He was definitely more enthusiastic about his present opening this year. Of course big sister was still anxious to help him and she was very excited to see that Will acquired his own step-stool just like hers as part of his birthday loot.

Wow, the last three and a half years have flown by. In particular, the last two years with William. I feel like I was just rocking him during one of the many times he used to wake up in the middle of the night. I blinked, and here we are two years later. He’s definitely not a baby anymore but he’s my baby. Yep, that’s right Dad, I put it in writing. And while that may be true, he reminds me on an almost daily basis that my baby boy is growing up and he’s definitely all boy! He loves planes, trains and automobiles, playing monster (which usually means chasing after Sophia), playing in the dirt or sand (which usually looks more like he took a bath in it), vacuuming, flipping through car magazines with his Dad and lots of snuggles. I’m excited to continue to watch him grow and look forward to another wonderful year of giggles from him and his sister filling our house and my heart. Happy Birthday, William!