It’s beginning to look a lot like…

It’s beginning to look a lot like…. the same as every other sunny San Diego day? While it may still be 75 and sunny, signs of Christmas are popping up here in San Diego. Since we don’t have the change of seasons here to let us know the big man is coming with gifts, we have to rely on the mostly tasteful Cali-style Christmas decorations that pop up around the neighborhood. Much to Meredith’s delight, the “Christmas Dolphin” was not up this year.

The kids have enjoyed checking out the lights of the neighborhood for the last few weeks and after much anticipation, Santa came to town. The uninitiated may think I’m talking about December 25th but the enlightened few in the crowd know that the fat man in the coat gets to ride God’s Chariot (the Huey) once a year before the big day. This year was no exception and the kids had a blast watching Santa come swooping in from above.

The day following the Santa Fly-in was spent at Sophia’s first dance recital. Sophia did great; no stage fright and plenty of smiles for the audience.