The Sun Sets on San Diego

Well, all good things must come to an end. The house went on the market and then the house was sold. Bags were packed, one last group of friends came to visit, and 3/4’s of the Wiktors said goodbye to the last San Diego sunset they’ll see for a while. After six years of fun in the city of perpetual 70-degree and sunny weather, it’s time for something new. We are trading SoCal for NOVA (Northern Virginia for the uninitiated) and we couldn’t be more excited… except for that last 1/4 of the Wiktor family. Rather than travel east for new adventures with the rest of the family, I would find myself stuck in the Mojave Desert for a half dozen weeks. Neat. But not really.

Lucky for me, my wife is the most fantastic person in the world! By the time I emerged from the black hole that is the desert, a perfect house was found and under contract in Northern Virginia. All that was left for me to do was tidy up some loose ends at work and hit the road. Since I had some time to burn, I jumped on the opportunity to take one last trip up to San Francisco. Three times visiting over the years, zero disappointments!