Whirlwind Tours

Travel, travel and more travel filled the month of March. Some drive to Minneapolis, some fly to Minneapolis. Everyone drives to Rochester… then Chicago… then Clarksville, TN… and finally Bassett, VA. The suit cases earned their keep and thankfully both the kids and the parents kept their sanity (most of the time). All in all we traveled some 6,342 miles during the month of March; thankfully this included 1,367 miles and two weeks together as a family for the first time in a little over two months.

Family time in Minnesota was great as always full of great food, great drinks, and infinite laughs. After a week with the families, we headed to Chicago for more family time (and some deep dish pizza). We missed Shed Aquarium due to a little more traffic than expected but we did have just enough time for a Ferris wheel ride at Navy Pier.

After a couple of days visiting friends in Tennessee we arrived in Bassett, VA where we spent the next week exploring museums and zoos, going on hikes, and cooking with the kids.