Much to the delight of Meredith, in the midst of snow-pocalypse there sat in the garage one FJ60, partially in pieces. Her disappointment in the loss of the garage parking spot (during the biggest snow storm in 70 years) was only rivaled by my disappointment in the loss of an opportunity to put the rig in 4WD and drive around in two feet of snow. A couple weeks ago I decided to tear into the front axle of the truck in order to replace a leaky inner axle oil seal.

One thing turned into another… some pieces were delayed in the mail… rotors, calipers, and brake lines got added to the project…. whatever. Normal expected overruns in budget and build time, right? In the end, old blue was put back together again without a single extra bolt lying around. I got a hand with some of the more stubborn nuts, bolts, and seals from Mr. Will.