A Whole Handful – Sophia Turns Five

In true Meredith fashion, this post is late.  Will turned four in September but before we get ahead of ourselves I have to jump back to Sophia’s fifth birthday in April.  Sophia was pretty excited for her birthday this year and was frequently heard talking about “turning a whole handful” the weeks leading up to the big day.  She was also excited for her turn to celebrate with her friends after attending many birthday parties throughout the school year.  We spent the afternoon at Braehead Farm where the kids got to run and play on the farm after filling themselves with lunch and cake.  It was great to watch Sophia play with the new friends she has made since we moved to Virginia as well as friends she has known since she was a baby in California.  The last five years sure have flown by!

Phil and I still can’t believe we’ll have a kindergartner in the fall.  As unprepared as we may feel, Sophia is more than ready and so excited for all the changes that turning five brings.  She has had a great year at pre-school this year and seems to be enthusiastic about school each day so hopefully that attitude continues in the fall.  When she’s not coloring or being silly with William, she’s usually found playing some imaginative game or singing not so quietly.  She continues to surprise us with her culinary palette – mussels and octopus remain high on her list of favorite foods.  This year Sophia resumed dance lessons and she seems to enjoy it (although I think Dad wishes she enjoyed it a little less).  It’s been such a delight to watch her grow these last five years and we can’t wait to see what happens as she starts school this year.