Happy 5th to Will

Don’t be fooled by the published date on this post. The end of 2017 is right around the corner and I’m just now sitting down to talk about our favorite little guy’s 5th birthday from September. Life has been a bit of a blur the last few months, but doesn’t that really sum up the last five years with Will? Our days as a family of three were brief (we had just 16 short months of them) and Will has kept us on our toes ever since he swiftly came on the scene back in 2012.

Will continues to be the charmer of the family (or perhaps he’s just trying to keep us with his Dad). He’s quite the social butterfly and loves visiting with our neighbors or stopping to talk to just about anyone that will make eye contact with him, kid or adult. We’re still working on understanding the concept of personal space. He continues to love all things Star Wars, story time with anyone who will sit and read with him, biking anytime he can drag Mom or Dad outside, soccer, card games and anything that he can do with Sophia. Despite their typical sibling squabbles, they’re a sweet pair encouraging and complimenting each other…and then tattling on the other one a minute later of course.

There wasn’t a big celebration for Will’s birthday this year but we made up for it by letting him blow out the candles twice on his cake. We had an early celebration a few days before his birthday because Dad was supposed to be out of town. However, luck had it that Dad’s trip was cancelled so we did it all over again on Will’s actual birthday. Will didn’t object at all to the extra serving of coffee ice cream cake. Isn’t that what every five year old requests for their birthday?