Low Water Bridge

While the whole family (including Lucy) would enjoy one weekend a month in a tent with a cup of coffee and a view, sadly it has only been a once or twice a year event. The Virginia heat and humidity subsided just in time for a weekend free of social and work obligations. The perfect opportunity for a weekend getaway that had to be filled with some family camping.

We packed up the blue truck and hit the road for Low Water Bridge Campground. It was certainly not primitive camping off the beaten trail but it was a great time nonetheless. Baseball, bikes, and a trip to the river for Lucy to swim and the kids to work on skipping rocks were the day’s events. The evening was rounded out with good food and a warm fire. The grown-ups even enjoyed a drink or two although there was a small dispute as the first drink was being poured. Apparently some (cough… cough… Meredith) think it is appropriate to label your rosemary maple [single barrel] bourbon sour creation “hooch.” Come on. Hooch? That’s like saying Keystone and Sculpin are synonyms.

Disagreements aside, 59A treated us well at the Low Water Bridge Campground. We had a blast and the FJ60 made it there and back without issue… not that that fact should surprise you…