April Showers….

April showers don’t bring anything other than more showers in May. It’s been a wet month both inside the house (thanks to the leaky dishwasher) and outside the house. Fortunately it’s been somewhat of a quiet month as well with less work travel than usual. We got the tomatoes and other vegetables in the ground, swapped the old leaky dishwasher for a new one (not before fixing the floor and the downstairs ceiling), and had some visitors swing by for the holiday weekend.

As the school year winds down, the kids are excited for ice cream, sun, and swimming pools. Hopefully there is a relaxing trip in there for dad and mom too but we’re not counting on it!

Sadly absent thus far from spring has been a day dedicated to brewing beer. Fortunately they still sell the already brewed stuff in bottles at the grocery store so we haven’t gone thirsty. Here we come June!