It’s Officially Summer!

Schools done, the sun is out, the grass is green, and summer is officially kickin’ in Stafford. Most exciting for dad was the fact that the rain stopped and the grass got green. Really nice and green! What’s the old colloquialism? A happy lawn is a happy husband and a happy husband means a happy home? Something like that. Most exciting but bittersweet for mom was preschool graduation. Our little guy is all grown up. Well, not really…but he will officially be in kindergarten in a few months which is a big milestone.

As expected, there is no shortage of pool days (that is to say every day the sun is out), ice cream days (turns out you can eat it rain or shine), or bike adventures (if your name starts with “W”… if it starts with “S” you might be completely disinterested in biking and have ridden a total of 0.0 miles so far this summer).

Good news is there is finally another IPA a brewin’ at the Wiktor house. We took a break from trying to make the perfect morning cappuccino and whipped up a batch of grapefruit IPA. Something tells me the summer will be over in a flash but we’ll be wearing smiles on our faces as it flies by.