Pumpkins in Paradise

October is over and what a busy month it was! It has been great spending time with San Diego’s newest Wiktor (Clay really) transplant. Will and Sophia love hanging out with their cousin and it’s nice to have someone else (Ben) interested in perfectly clear cocktail ice since Mere hasn’t been impressed.

Since it is October and we’re back in San Diego, we fell back into our California tradition of heading to Peltzer Pumpkin Farms. The place is a lot bigger than it used to be and there is now a tasting room on site so I had substantially less to grumble about. I managed to grumble a little about how outrageous the price of the pumpkins are but everyone ignored me and had a good time anyway. I will admit, the pig race can’t be beat.

Not to be outdone by Will, I picked up a bigger pumpkin than he picked out the following week and we carved them all up for the big night. Halloween was great this year. The kids spent the night shaking down people for candy while the grown-ups got to visit.