Go East!

Said no man ever. The west coast is kinda the best coast… However, that is not to say that once you’re out here, there is nowhere else to go. The California coast is far from the end-all-be-all of the U. S. of A. and sometimes you must go east for adventure. With this in mind, we took advantage of some cheap airfare and headed to Park City for the weekend.

Wow! I hadn’t been to UT in some 15 years and it was the first time for the rest of the folks on the trip. What a beautiful part of the country. After a cup of coffee in Salt Lake City, we made the quick drive to Park City…almost… stopping at the High West Distillery in Wanship. Food was decent (not great) but the brown water and the views were fantastic.

Once in Park City, we spent the long weekend cruising the cool shops downtown, sampling the food (and coffee and wine and High West cocktails), and exploring the surrounding area despite some not so fantastic weather. Maybe we were caught up in the moment but we all thought the views and fall colors along Pine Canyon Road in Wasatch Mountain State Park were absolutely spectacular.

Let’s see… best views already covered. Best meal goes to tupelo with Five5eeds getting an honorable mention. Stoked made a decent cup of joe as did Pink Elephant. Mere wouldn’t go back to Park City without going to Ritual Chocolate again. Bests of the trip under our belt, we headed back to the airport on Monday making a stop along the way to visit the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum. One of us was way more impressed than the other three…