The Happiest Place On Earth

I went to Disney World with my family in February 2020. Me and my family went to Disney World to celebrate my grandparents’ 25th anniversary. Twenty-five years ago my grandparents went there with their five kids (Mike, Phil, Laura, Carolyn and Susan) on a family honeymoon. They wanted to go back as a big family to celebrate their 25th anniversary. I went with my grandparents (Lainey and Grandpa,) Aunt Carolyn, Aunt Laura, Aunt Heather, Aunt Susan, Aunt Kim, Uncle Ben, Uncle Gabe, Uncle Mike, Thomas, Ben, Ramona, Henry and of course our family (my Mom, my Dad, and Will). 

The first amusement park that we went to was  Hollywood Studios. The first ride we went on was the Slinky Dog Dash Roller Coaster in Toy Story Land. The roller coaster was super duper fast! After the roller coaster we went and had delicious Mickey pretzels before  going to the Hollywood Tower Of Terror. The Hollywood Tower Of Terror gave me the creepy crawlies. After, we journeyed on to Star Wars land to catch the Rise Of The Resistance ride. We got to see more than 100 Storm Troopers. After going on those three really crazy rides we went and had really weird drinks at Ogas Cantina while listening to DJ R3X play some funky tunes. With our tummies full with drinks from Ogas Cantina, we went on Star Tours. After Star Tours me and my mom decided to head back to Toy Story Land and have some fun in Toy Story Mania. After having some fun in Toy Story Mania me and mom went to see a play on Beauty and the Beast. After singing along to the songs from Beauty And The Beast we wrapped the day up with Hollywood Studios nighttime show, Fantasmic. Hollywood Studios wasn’t that rad but was worth the fun!

The second amusement park that we went to was Magic Kingdom. Before we got to step foot in Magic Kingdom we had to ride the ferry boat. After getting off the ferry boat we made our way to where our first ride was. Our first ride was The Pirates Of The Caribbean ride.  Half way through the ride I got splashed with water. One funny part about the ride was when the three fake pirates kept begging the fake dog to give them the key so they could be free but the dog kept shaking his head. After that fun ride we went on The Jungle Cruise ride while listening to some really cheesy jokes from our tour guide. One fun part about that ride was the humongous fake elephant. Then we peeked in the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House. There were a lot of steps in the tree house. With our bellies rumbling, we decided to get a bite of Dole Whip. When we all took our first bite of Dole Whip we all were shocked from how good it was. Then we all journeyed on to where me and Dad took off into space with the rest of the group on the Astro Orbiter. Then we set off to race on the race tracks together. That afternoon, we all tried to find a spot to watch Magic Kingdom’s parade. Some of my favorite parts of the parade were while we waited for the parade to begin you got to take cool pictures with signs that said 1st Visit!, Happy Birthday!, or Happily Ever After!, I also liked when the fake dragon breathed real fire, and when the three fairy godmothers were spinning around on some sort of crazy shoes! Then me, my Mom, and Lainey went to Ariel’s Grotto and sang along to the familiar tunes. When we left Ariel’s Grotto our minds were full of music. On our way back to the castle I tried to take the sword out of the stone but it wasn’t quite out. In Cinderella’s castle we took funny pictures with the cool mosaic walls. Then we went and waited in a very long line to ride Peter Pan Takes Flight. The funny and cool thing about that ride was that the ride was only 2 minutes long but the line was over an hour. The line was actually fun though! When you were in line it looked like Tinkerbell was in the room flying around. Then we wrapped the day up with Magic Kingdom’s night time show. While watching Cinderella’s castle light up me, my mom, and Will ate ice-cream for dinner. My dinner that night was not pleasant. When the show was over we went back to the house with our heads full of sweet dreams. My day at Magic Kingdom was amazing!

The third amusement park that we went to was Epcot. The first ride that we went on was Spaceship Earth. Spaceship Earth was super cool because you got to see the past and future in a 5 minute ride. At the end of the ride there was a screen and you got to pick an imaginary house and Will’s face was on the screen. Then we went on the Living With The Land ride. On that ride you sat in a boat and road through a living garden and saw a bunch of plants. They were even trying to grow a Mickey shaped pumpkin! Then for breakfast we had a character breakfast. We met Chip, Dale, Pluto, and Mickey Mouse. With our bellies full we went to Soarin. Soarin was super fun because you got to feel the air in motion and you got to see a bunch of different places all over the world that you might never see in person. Then we went and got our passports to travel around the world. We visited: Mexico, Norway, China, France,The United Kingdom, Canada, Morocco, Japan, The United States Of America, Italy, and Germany. For dinner we went to the Bier Garden restaurant in Germany. Lainey and Grandpa went to the same restaurant 25 years ago on the family honeymoon vacation! Then we all wrapped the day up with Epcot’s night time show. One cool part about that show was the speed boats that were flying light up kites. My day at Epcot was amazingly awesome!

The fourth amusement park that we went to was Animal Kingdom. The first ride that we went on was the Avatar Flight of Passage ride. The Avatar Flight of Passage ride was not my favorite because I don’t enjoy virtual reality rides, but it was still cool. On the ride you got to fly on the back of a banshee. The wait time was supposed to be 60 minutes but was actually 120 minutes! In line we got to see a sleeping Avatar and the scientist’s lab. The sad thing is that it was all fake. After a quick lunch we went on the Na’vi River Journey ride and saw a fake Avatar singing and dancing to the music. On that ride you also got to see Banshees running through the forest with their Avatar and fake jellyfish. Then me and my mom decided to go see a play of The Lion King. There were people pretending to be giraffes. The people pretending to be giraffes were on stilts dancing. There was also a girl attached to a harness soaring and pretending to be a bird! Then we wrapped the day up with Animal Kingdom’s Rivers Light nighttime show. My day at Animal Kingdom was super fun!

When we left Disney World I was very sad but I was glad that I had the opportunity to go to Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom. If I were to rate the parks I would rate it like this…. 1st Magic Kingdom, 2nd Epcot, and Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios tie for 3rd place. My Disney World experience was amazingly awesome!