Lost Coast Found

Ever since the idea was hatched for the trip, I was struggling to find a way to work a trip to the Lost Coast into the itinerary. Who would’ve thought it was hard to just swing on by the most undeveloped and isolated part of California…? Meredith was the one who hatched a plan, picked a hike, and found an off-road trail for the LX to make it all happen. After winding our way on the hard ball road to Petrolia, we turned onto dirt and made the climb up and around the terrain south of Mattole Point.

After a mostly gentle ride, we parked the car and stepped off on a hike to Punta Gorda Lighthouse. The views only improved as we continued south down the coast with nothing but black sand, blue skies, and calm waves to look at. We even saw a dozen elephant seals that easily clocked in around 4,000 lbs!

After a snack and some clicks, we headed back to the truck and tried our luck with the local trout in the Mattole River. No monsters were caught (just a minnow actually) but our feet were happy spending the afternoon alone in the cool waters.