Oregon Coast

The Grand August Adventure continues. Goodbye to Shasta (and California for a moment). Rest and refit in Eugene then it was time to set off on one heck of a winding road en route to the Oregon Coast. We popped out near the Oregon Dunes and found ourselves all alone on the beach which was kind of the whole point of the trip. Apparently the crowds at Big Sur and Shasta either haven’t heard of this place or don’t think it’s worth the drive. We’re glad.

After stretching our legs, it was off to quell a hankering for some oysters. Man did we succeed! We stumbled upon Clausen’s Oysters and had what might have been the best meal of the trip. Clausen’s is a wholesaler on the north side of Coos Bay that sells a limited menu on site. Turns out you don’t need much more than fantastic oysters and a decent bottle of wine to make a limited menu a blowout success!

With our bellies full, it was back in the truck in search of another hike. We settled on dipping our toes in the water and marveling at more of the breathtaking Oregon Coast. We said hello to Face Rock, captured a few smiles, and then it was back on the road for the drive down to our next camp site at Humbug Mountain State Park. We didn’t have quite the space we had enjoyed at the last few camp sites but the sunset more than made up for it. The hundred or so meteors we watched zip across the sky during the Perseid meteor shower didn’t hurt either. Dad blew it by leaving the DSLR at home so no pictures, just memories.

Tomorrow we see the big trees!