The Biggest of Surs

This month we are embarking on the The Great August Adventure. COVID spoiled the original plan (Italy, Croatia, and Slovenia) but version 2.0 of the plan is just about two weeks on the road and off the beaten trail. With the truck packed, we hit the road for the first leg. After a quick bite at La Super-Rica Taqueria, we arrived at stop number one of the trip: Big Sur.

After unsuccessfully slogging through the mix of State Parks, Wilderness Areas, and National Forests for a campsite that was open, remote, and scenic, we caught a huge break and landed on a friend’s land. Forget “west of the 5.” We stayed west of the 1! The view from the campsite was spectacular. After we set up camp, we fired up the stove and made dinner, then it was S’mores, sunset, and off to bed.

The next day we headed up into the bluffs for a hike to Cone Peak. The kids did great and we climbed 1,200+ feet up to the top of Cone Peak for lunch with spectacular views. After the hike, we headed back to camp, explored the property and dipped our toes in the Pacific at our private little beach.

After another beautiful sunset, we turned in for the night. The next morning we packed our bags and headed north up the road. We had plans to stop at a handful of hikes but unfortunately most were either closed or slammed packed with people. We managed to duck off Highway 1 and made the shift into 4L on the Old Coast Road. It proved a welcome break to the stream of folks heading south and dropped us off at a picturesque stop near the Bixby Creek Bridge.

After a couple clicks, it was back on the road for the next stop on the adventure.