Tah-who? Tahoe that’s who. A much anticipated couple of trips were finally executed this month. Kirkwood and Northstar each got a visit from a couple of Wiktors. Sophia and Will both got in on the action at Kirkwood marking the first ski day in this season for both of them. Poor Lucy kept Meredith back in San Diego but fear not, she (Lucy) turned the corner and has returned to her usual tail wagging self.

I must say, I was a little apprehensive about how one of the kids was going to fare but we got in two good days of skiing at Kirkwood with some lessons (where dad got to rip around solo) and some family skiing where the kids could show their progress.

Later in the month, Will and dad snuck off for a guys weekend at Northstar complete with winter trout fishing on the way home. Both trips were a blast; no tears and everyone was hungry for more when we left. Mission success!