a (longer) Hello! from the mountains

There are few places within a hard day’s drive of SoCal that are more beautiful and enjoyable than the Sierras. This month I had the opportunity to grab a backpack, a tent, and some rods and put some miles on my boots in the mountains. Absolute blast with picture perfect weather, great views, better company, and triple digit fish caught over the three days.

Day one, we hiked in mid-afternoon, staked a claim on Blue Lake then spent some time pulling rainbows and brookies out until the sun set and the whisky cooled down (as it floated in the lake of course). The following morning it was up with the sun and on the trails. We spent the day hiking another 8 miles and trying our luck on a few more lakes. Turns out there are fish everywhere.

Day three had another eight miles on the boots and was probably the best day in terms of views and fish caught (and released).

Can’t ask for more in a weekend other than maybe a shorter drive home when you make it back to the car. Looking forward to the next time I see you again Sierras.