Out East

With no shortage of adventuring in our bones and plenty of fire bans still in place up north cramping our style, we looked east this weekend. After being about 100 miles west on Monday, it was somewhat funny we ended up almost exactly 100 miles east in Anza-Borrego on Saturday. This time it was the whole gang (including Lucy) plus a good friend of ours for the overnighter. Before reaching camp, Dad showed everyone that contrary to popular belief, Hollywood and Vine was actually east of San Diego.

After the geography lesson was complete, it was off to find the perfect spot to call home for the next 18 hours. After some meandering around we laid claim to a piece of sand and went to work setting up shop. Lucy’s old age got the best of her and she hopped out of the car with a limp. This would put a damper on a lengthy group hike but we still got a little adventuring in. After some exploring, the kids took up whittling and we are happy to report they still each have ten fingers and ten toes.

As the sun set, we were treated to no moon and billions of stars. A huge swath of the sky was filled with the Milky Way – something the kids had not seen so clearly before and were delighted by the experience. After an eventful evening, we rose to some of Mere’s breakfast burritos, packed our bags, and headed back home recharged and ready for the week ahead.