Blossoms a Year Later

I guess it has already been a year since the last time the Tidal Basin turned purple and white. How the time flies. With schedules and the National Park Service’s “peak bloom prediction” both fluctuating, we decided to sneak up to check out the blossoms on a Wednesday. While I was a little disappointed at the pictures for the day, nobody had any complaints for the Basin for what the eyes took in. Sometimes all the technology in the world can’t capture how things look in person (especially when paired with sub-par photography skills).

After a stroll from the Washington Monument all the way to the Jefferson Memorial and back, we slipped into the National Portrait Gallery so we could check one more museum off our list. The Presidential Portrait Exhibit was the favorite amongst the adults while the kids favored the water feature in the a atrium. Some day it’ll take more than a glorified puddle to please them but why rush it right?