Looking back on a jovial June

Well, another June has come and gone! Looking back, it’s easy to fall into the trap of saying we didn’t do much during the month. After some travel in May, we stayed local-ish. There were a few weekend road trips to visit nearby family and friends but nothing out of what might be called “ordinary” trips for us. Only after flipping through the stack of photos accumulated over the month do I realize just how much good old fashioned living went on. The stuff that might not make the calendar but certainly makes you smile and feel pretty darn fortunate for what we’ve got going on here.

There was a concert in Richmond, crabs in Annapolis with the birthday boys, and more leftover crabs back home. When the weather was nice, we biked our hearts out to reach the promised land where there is ice cream as far as the eye can see (if you’re 5 at least).

When the weather didn’t cooperate or the legs were tired, there were Ninja Turtles to color and guitar solos to master. There were preschool graduations, dance recitals, and a plenty of days spent drawing on the driveway or making silly faces with mom.

Regardless of where we went, we made sure to bring a big box of smiles; only on the rarest of occasions did the smiles fade… but when this happened, I’d guess they were still smiling in their dreams.

Looking forward to a July filled with simple pleasures and time spent with family and friends!