Dog days of summer

July is when the temps pick up around here and when that’s the case, we seem to find ourselves chasing the usual American escapes. A little road trip here, a little bike trip there, and as much pool time as we can find. Of course there are near-daily ice cream for the kids (and mom) and plenty of ice cold ones for dad. My recent Virginia beers haven’t been quite as good as the Oceanside brewed stuff but they’re on tap and they’re cold so I don’t complain much.

So here’s to the simple things that kept us busy. A father and son’s first fishing trip. Marshmallows and Smores by the fire in the backyard. Cannon balls and cakes and visits from some of our best friends. There are some travels on the horizon next month so gotta get the good home made fun while we can.

Oh yeah, Happy 238th America!