Ringing in 2017

What better way to ring in the new year than to slap a tux on, ditch the kids, and spend a week in San Diego, right? Okay, while yes, that is technically what we did, it would be a bit disingenuous to skip the background story. After planning the perfect Christmas vacation back to Minnesota, we got an invite to a very close friend’s wedding in San Diego over NYE.

Although it was a quick turn from the 2,400 mile road trip, it was an event that couldn’t be missed. We got home, Mumsie showed up, and just over 24 hours later Meredith and I were off to Dulles to catch a plane to our old stomping grounds. What a fantastic time we had! The wedding (and pre-wedding) festivities were a blast. It was great seeing some of our closest friends and spend some time in the Whales… San Diego.

The only unfortunate part about the trip was that realization that my wife was, yet again, correct: San Diego just might be one of the best places in the country to live. I mean, the mid-west coast is still the best coast, but dang… it is hard to find things to complain about in San Dog.