What do you do on a rainy fall day in VA?

Head to Hollin Farms of course! You can’t have fall pass in VA without heading to apple country and spending an afternoon filling up a few bags, eating an apple cider doughnut, and enjoying a tasty beverage. Since we aren’t rule breakers and it can’t be fall without apples…out came the boots and raincoats and on the road we went. The rolling hills of the Shenandoah Valley are always great to drive through and can prevent (okay, maybe just delay) the are-we-there-yet-itus that one of our children gets from time to time.

After a successful visit to Hollin Farms, the adults needed to quench their thirst. Rather than roll the dice on another apple shop being open (many close because apparently most apple pickers aren’t waterproof), we ditched the gamble of warm cider and went for the guaranteed good time at Dirt Farm Brewing. Pizza, pretzel bites, and a beer please!