Four Double-U Dee

This truck was meant to adventure! The FJ60 had some “characteristics” (that some might incorrectly call faults) that ultimately shrunk the list of adventures it could go on with the whole family. No AC, top speed of 72 mph, solid front and rear axles with leaf springs all around… basically bulletproof but also sweaty, smelly, and slow. None of these negative traits bother me (and they actually mirror my own super powers) but I’m not the only person in the family.

The new truck is anything but the aforementioned three Ss. We decided to take a trip up to the Sequoias this weekend and what a treat it was cruising comfortably at 75mph, in a 70 degree cabin through the 105 degree Kern County. Score for the transit to the adventure: LX470: 1, FJ60: 0.

We arrived at the campsite without issue and setup shop. The following morning it was time to slap the truck into 4L and get our adventure on. We took the Monache Meadows Jeep Trail from the Blackrock Visitor Center into the meadows. Super rad. There were some decently gnarly spots that had the truck working hard but once you reached the meadows it opened up. The new rig did it all in style; super capable but still super comfortable. Score for the 4 wheelin’: LX470: 2, FJ60: 0.

Once in the meadows, we tried our hand at fishing for some golden trout and were spectacularly unsuccessful. Not to worry, lunch was a success as was lounge time by the river for mom, goofing off for the kids, and swimming for the dog. After a few hours it was back to the campsite for what had become the daily routine: Mom relaxes, Sophia relaxes, Will digs holes, Dad waits for everyone to go to bed then relaxes.

Can’t wait for the next adventure!