We finally made it!

Finally, a trip to the slopes. I had all but given up on the 2019-2020 ski season. The biggest problem is me being a cheapo and having sticker shock at the cost of a day at Big Bear or Mammoth with lessons for the kids. They’re so close to being able to ski on their own but while they’re in the lesson phase, it just seems crazy to shell out big money for a big resort when they spend the day on the bunny hill.

After a tip from a buddy of mine and a forceful push out the door from my wife (you are the best!), Will and I embarked on a weekend ski / fishing trip. On Friday, Will and I cannon-balled it from school to Oakhurst, CA stopping for gas, gummibären (naturally), and In-n-Out. Will was quite torn between Cali’s favorite (and Wiktor’s favorite) burger and the Wiktor’s favorite road-trip burger (McDonald’s) so after much deliberation, we settled on In-n-Out on the way up on Friday and McDonald’s on the way home on Sunday.

After a night’s sleep in Oakhurst, it was off to Badger Pass for a day at the slopes. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. The season was almost over so there were no crowds. It snowed all day so the runs had fresh powder for dad and were slow enough for Will.

Since it snowed so much, they closed all the roads up into the Yosemite Valley so nobody could join us on the slopes. The LX didn’t care and it meant there was less than 40 people on the whole mountain! While Will was at his ski lessons, I could count on one hand the number of times there was another human on the lift with me. Not sharing a seat, just on the lift at the same time. Crazy. I cut powder-8s off my own tracks because nobody else skied down the run.

Sunday was spent fishing our way back to SoCal. We stopped to fish Bass Lake then took the back roads to Millerton Lake for some more casts and a little bit of off-roading. Tasty tacos for lunch, McDonald’s for dinner, and we were back in SoCal ready for another week.

Great times! Full throttle the whole way for the little guy. Not an ounce of energy left: