A Decade of Sophia

Wow! Ten whole years as parents, ten whole years with our Twinkle Toes. Since I’m late [as usual] with this post, and because I’m a nostalgic person, I took an extra long trip down memory lane. Each picture brought back memories of her sweet personality or funny moments over the years. From the quiet, super chubby baby, to the dancing and singing toddler, to the sweet girl she is now. Sophia makes parenting easy (most days) and it’s truly a joy to watch her grow, explore her interests, and simply see life through her sparkly blue eyes.

Even though it was the big 1-0, we celebrated as our family normally does – with food! I love that our kids get just as much excitement planning and enjoying their birthday meals as Phil and I do. Sophia requested raspberry scones for breakfast, had a small picnic and bundt cake celebration with friends after school, and then after a few hours of dancing, home for the real feast! This year Sophia chose raw oysters, caesar salad, and lobster tagliatelle. She surprised me with her request for a homemade funfetti cake with strawberry frosting, but we delivered. Bonus, the birthday girl wasn’t sick this year and thoroughly enjoyed each bite of dinner and dessert.

And now for our trip down memory lane. I normally only revisit the last year in these birthday posts, but I thought for her 10th birthday I would revisit each birthday as well. I think those two and three year old years were some of my favorites. I don’t even want to think about what this photo round up will look like in another ten years. Off to grab my tissues!

Ten Years of Sophia